Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sports Illustrated Kids Cover Takes Shot at Cavs

Really, Sports Illustrated? You had to go with the Cavaliers' "All for One" motif and slogan?

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Sports Sideline - November 10, 2010

Sports Sideline East Milton Youth Association: EMYA is looking for dedicated individuals to lead the baseball and soccer programs for the upcoming spring season. If you have organizational skills, dedication, and knowledge of the sport and...

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Sports stars need to tweet

Columnist John Leicester looks at why sports stars need to open up on twitter.

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The religion of ancient Rome

General Books publication date: 2009 Original publication date: 1907 Original Publisher: A. Constable

List Price: $ 20.75

Price: $ 15.22

The Horror At Chiller House (Goosebumps Horrorland)

Take a little Horror home with you!

Jonathan Chiller has called the kids from books #13-18 back to HorrorLand to collect payment. The only way for the kids to get back home is for them to win at a HorrorLand-style scavenger hunt. They each must find a red chest. Inside, the miniature Horror will act as a portal to send them back ho me.

They'll be competing against Murder the Clown, Chef Belcher, Mondo the Magical, and three other unsavory characters from the previous six books. Little do they know that all six adversaries are actually Chiller in disguise. And Chiller will lie and cheat his way to victory.

List Price: $ 5.99

Price: $ 5.99

Question by Dolly: What book series will make a great christmas present for my mum?

She has read and loved the true blood series, twilight series, and vampire diaries. Though these are about vampires, she really loves books about doomed love like Wuthering Heights, and is a HUGE Agatha Christie fan who has all her books and enjoys some crime.
What book series do you think she will like?

Best answer:

Answer by cathrl69
You could try the Blood Ties series by Tanya Huff. They are about a female detective who knows a vampire and solves supernatural mysteries.

Not great literature, but great fun :)

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bible Stories and Religious Classics

Bible Stories and Religious Classics is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by Philip P. Wells is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of Philip P. Wells then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.

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Price: $ 9.99

Emperor: The Field of Swords: A Novel of Julius Caesar (The Emperor Series)

  • ISBN13: 9780385343428
  • Condition: New
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With an army made in his own image, Caesar brings a daring charge through Gaul, across the English Channel, and to the wilds of tribal Britain.

Having proved his valor in the slaves’ revolt, the time has come for Caesar to enter the political battleground of Rome. Strengthened by the love of an older womanâ€"and by the sword of his loyal friend, Marcus Brutus, Caesar battles the armies of the wilderness and forges his legend. All the while his political adversaries in Rome grow ever more powerful. So that when the fighting is over, Julius will face the greatest threat to him yetâ€"a man who wants Rome for himself.

List Price: $ 16.00

Price: $ 9.25

Question by Mrs. McKay: Biology ......?

In case your wondering, I am helping my grandaughter. She doesnt like her sciences so I my son and I are trying to help her. Unfortunatly I never took any of this in school so I kind of depend on everyone answering my questions with some detail, so that I may explain it to her. If any of you could help me with answering my other biology questions I would appreciate it!

Best answer:

Answer by Gary
Sure, just go ahead and ask any questions you have.

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A Guide Book of United States Coins: The Official Redbook, 63rd Edition - 2010

63rd Edition of the Official Redbook for coin collecting

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 2.49

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Question by Person: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GHOSTS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?

Who has seen a ghost or spirit? Tell me your story and can anyone give proof that ghosts are real. Like I mean to the naked eye?

Best answer:

Answer by xosoccerxo
I'm not sure if you can give proof but I swear I saw a ghost once.
Quick story:

I used to live in NY, and all the bedrooms were upstairs. I was sleeping in my room and I woke up the middle of the night and I couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to walk to my parents room. To get there, I have to walk by the staircase. As I was walking by, I looked at the staircase and I saw a ghost standing there. It was shaped like a human, it was kind of transparent, kind of white. Shaped like a human but with no features, it was just a shape of one, and it was blindfolded. It was really weird..

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Check out these Cartooning images:

Istanbul - life in cartoon motion


Image by CharlesFred

8 15 07 Dancers for Democracy Bearman Cartoon (Cincinnati Beacon)


Image by Bearman2007

This editorial cartoon by Bearman appeared 8/15/2007 in the online edition of the Cincinati Beacon (

It focuses on the petition drive of the adult club industry in Ohio to get enough signatures to repeal a new Ohio law that would limit Strip club hours and make it a punishable offense for any touching to happen in the club.

Protest against the Danish cartoons


Image by sgrah
Beijing and Shanghai (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

These two fascinating cities reflect different aspects of China - Beijing is the traditional capital, the seat of political power and home to the ancient monuments of Imperial China; Shanghai is both a financial powerhouse and a city at the cutting edge of fashion with an interesting modern history. This DK Eyewitness Travel < /a>Guide provides in-depth coverage of these cities, including Beijing's Great Wall and Forbidden City, Shanghai's Bund and the French Concession, as well as the water towns of Suzhou and Hangzhou, graced with serene and timeless gardens and lakes. Explore China's cultural heritage through richly illustrated features - on everything from Beijing Opera to Confucianism, Chinese Gardens and the Cultural Revolution. Illustrated food features highlight the differing regional cuisines, and resident China experts have provided detailed listings of the best places to stay and eat. Specially devised walking tours take you easily to the heart of these bustling, enigmatic and ultimately bewitching cities.

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Sabbat Entertaining : Celebrating the Wiccan Holidays with Style

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Share Wiccan traditions with friends and family!

- Finding and Lighting the Yule Log
- Imbolc Ice Candles
- Ostara Painted Eggs
- Dancing around the Beltane Maypole
- A Festive Light Midsummer Barbecue
- Lammas Harvest-Time Pillow Packet Sachets
- Mabon Acorn Cookies
- Skull Pinatas for Samhain
- And much more

Gorgeous Color Photos and Illustrations Throughout

Rating: (out of 15 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.95

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\'The Argyle Sweater\' and \'Dustin\' debut in the Sunday comics section

We asked which two new comic strips you wanted on Sundays, and your choices were clear.

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Exhibition Explores the Fascinating World of Contemporary Canadian Art at the National Gallery of Canada

James Carl, jalousie (baluster), 2008, coloured aluminium strips on wood base, 167.6 × 243.8 × 152.4 cm. Purchased 2009. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Photography: Toni Hafkenscheid. Image courtesy of Diaz Contemporary.

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Steel Strips October gross sales up 55 pct
< br/>MUMBAI, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Steel Strips Wheels said on Tuesday its gross sales jumped 55 percent in October in value terms to 614 million rupees.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

  • ISBN13: 9781886039599
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Based on case studies of women who exercised regularly before, during, and after pregnancy, this resource examines the effects of exercise on women and their children. This broad and detailed resource lays to rest the controversies surrounding pregnancy and exerci se, shedding new light on the positive interactions of exercise, health, fitness, and pregnancy. This guide enables both expecting mothers and health professionals to develop rational, objective, and individualized approaches to exercise and pregnancy care. Also discussed is the debate surrounding the prescription of strenuous exercise during the process of carrying, birthing, and nursing a baby.

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< br/>
Atlas of Science: Visualizing What We Know

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Cartographic maps have guided our explorations for centuries, allowing us to navigate the world. Science maps have the potential to guide our search for knowledge in the same way, helping us navigate, under stand, and communicate the dynamic and changing structure of science and technology. Allowing us to visualize scientific results, science maps help us make sense of the avalanche of data generated by scientific research today. Atlas of Science, features more than thirty full-page science maps, fifty data charts, a timeline of science-mapping milestones, and 500 color images; it serves as a sumptuous visual index to the evolution of modern science and as an introduction to "the science of science"â€"charting the trajectory from scientific concept to published results.

Atlas of Science, based on the popular exhibit "Places & Spaces: Mapping Science," describes and displays successful mapping techniques. The heart of the book is a visual feast: Claudius Ptolemy\'s Cosmographia World Map from 1482; a guide to a PhD thesis that resembles a s ubway map; "the structure of science" as revealed in a map of citation relationships in papers published in 2002; a periodic table; a history flow visualization of the Wikipedia article on abortion; a globe showing the worldwide distribution of patents; a forecast of earthquake risk; hands-on science maps for kids; and many more. Each entry includes the story behind the map and biographies of its makers.

Not even the most brilliant minds can keep up with today\'s deluge of scientific results. Science maps show us the landscape of what we know.

< /a>
National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C.

The Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance, Bonn, Germany

Storm Hall, San Diego State College

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 18.78

by Kecko

Question by â?¥sarah: coaching??

my eight yr old daughter has been playing soccar for two yrs now. this yr they are looking for a coach. i do know about the sport from being at her games. how hard is it to coach a 9 yr old girls team??

Best answer:

Answer by johncondo2001
go to the library and find a book I coach baseball and softball for 28 years golf for one years,

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